Company Profile - Overview

Rich Hite founded QC Software, LLC, in 1996. From his previous experience developing supervisory software for carousels, high-speed sorting systems, and real-time inventory management systems, Hite observed that each system was custom designed for every project, and each new system introduced new bugs. His vision was to provide a standard software solution that was modular, easy to configure, platform independent, and economical.

Headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, QC Software has grown to be a leader in providing innovative software solutions for order fulfillment and distribution centers. The solutions provided by QC Software enable our customers to streamline their warehouse operations with the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry. Today, we continue to work closely with our customers as we grow and prosper, based on our commitment to design, develop, market, install and support the best possible warehouse control systems for warehouse and distribution centers. Our three founders have over 65 years of combined experience in the materials handling industry, and are all closely involved with the day-to-day operations.

We seek to build business relationships based on integrity and value that will last a lifetime. Much of our development over the years has its roots in enhancements built to address specific business problems faced by our customers, and all of our software is developed at our Cincinnati facility. Our commitment to customer satisfaction and state-of-the-art technology makes QC Software the right choice for your warehouse control, order management, and inventory management needs.

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Our core business principles

  • We believe a satisfied customer is our greatest asset. We are committed to providing you with the necessary tools for improving your business, and we want you to succeed.
  • We are a software business committed to designing effective software for warehouse and distribution control systems.
  • Our goal is to build business relationships with our customers and partners based on integrity and value that will last a lifetime.