In order to provide world-class Materials Handling Solutions, we collaborate with these premier hardware and software partners to offer our clients exceptional industry WCS solutions. We are always looking to collaborate with leading materials handling providers to provide superior warehouse control solutions.

Learn more about becoming a QC Software Partner by contacting Jerry List, VP of Business Development
at 1-877-984-1101 or email

"The QC Software team is flexible and responsive in addressing our clients software needs. Their modular WES offering aligns with our RightFit approach of providing the appropriate scale and magnitude of a solution while having an expansive toolset to provide future scalability that may be needed."

--Raymond Cocozza, President ,

"We enjoy a strong working relationship with QC Software. They are knowledgeable when defining project direction, agile when responding to customer needs, and have a wealth of experience that ensures a well thought out, integrated solution. They are the type of organization that we welcome as part of any project team."

--Mike McManus, Director of Product Development and Field Services,
Lightning Pick Technologies

"I had worked with QC Software several times in the past and I knew their capabilities, and how their software worked. It's platform-independent, customer-friendly, cost-effective and works well with many different types of systems. We had worked with QC Software with six or seven previous clients, so I was confident bringing them on board for this project. I have been around conveyor systems for a long time, and there are a lot of 'fly by night' companies out there, but QC Software products are tried and proven."

--Jerry Lovell, Senior Controls Engineer,

"Integrated Systems Group is pleased to have a long-term partnership with QC Software... Through innovative, 'out of the box' concepts and products, QC Software continues to offer ISG an expanded product line and service offering... During uncertain economic conditions, the ability to provide cost-effective material handling systems and solutions that will generate an accelerated return on investment becomes of paramount importance. We look forward to future opportunities with our partner QC Software."

--Tim Bastic, Vice President,
Integrated Systems Group

"QCS's modular WCS enables us to go to our customers with well-defined solutions to their requirements. As QCS's sales support is second to none,we look forward to continued success in our relationship with QC Software."

--Chris Russell, Sales Manager,
Mainway Handling Systems