"I have worked with a lot of WCS systems over the years, and have found QC Software’s IMS to be easily configurable and user friendly."

-- Kevin Tedford, Principal Consultant, KT Consulting

QC IMS™ - Inventory Management System


The QC IMS (Inventory Management System) uses state-of-the-art technology to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of warehouse operations and data integrity. QC IMS manages all of your item numbers and warehouse locations. The major inventory events which QC IMS encompasses include bar code label printing, receiving, put-away, cycle counting, picking, and replenishment.

QC IMS™ Features - Solutions for Warehouse Control

  • QC IMS can be implemented as a standalone module used to manage inventory within a warehouse segment such as: an AS/RS, reserve storage or forward pick locations.
  • QC IMS can be implemented with existing ERP or WMS software to extend their functionality, such as enabling multiple picking or storage locations for a single item within the warehouse.
  • QC IMS is most productive when implemented in concert with other modules offered by QC Software’s Warehouse Control Software (WCS) product suite – QC ENTERPRISE™.


The ASN allows you to receive indication of detailed product shipment from vendors and manufacturers well in advance of delivery. It enables the sender to describe the contents and configuration of a shipment in various levels of detail.

Benefits of Advance Ship Notice

  • Supports single or multiple warehouses for increased scalability and flexibility
  • Extends product visibility to the warehouse by optimizing the order fulfillment process
  • Streamlines receiving operations by eliminating manual data entry
  • Improves integrity of the data


The receiving function lets you efficiently receive product into the warehouse and stage it for put-away utilizing RF and other devices. QC IMS™ is adaptable to handle both planned and blind receiving.

Benefits of Receiving

  • System provides visibility to the expected items and allows operators to confirm and update PO records as items are received.
  • Operators can receive items for which no record yet exists.
  • Product data is entered manually into the inventory system based on items actually received.


Our storage and put-away logic is easily configurable so you can customize the software to accommodate your business needs. One of the many configurations allows you to store inventory by product, type, class, or SKU.

Benefits of Slotting

  • Allows replenishment to be directed to locations based on SKU/location attributes.
  • Our enhanced graphic GUI interface lets you easily see potential problems.
  • Provides complete control of your warehouse.


The replenishment engine continuously monitors inventory levels of active pick locations and automatically generates replenishment tasks based on a minimum quantity for each item. Replenishment tasks may also be generated manually in anticipation of increased activity for an item.

Benefits of Replenishment

  • Automatically assigns tasks to maintain safe inventory levels.
  • Replenishment is based on user-defined thresholds and priorities.
  • Automatically adjusts inventory levels once the operation is complete.


QC IMS™ provides you with an activity log of all inventory transfers in the warehouse. Our software tracks the movement of product in real-time, thereby providing you with an accurate account of inventory levels in all locations.

Benefits of Inventory Transfer

  • Transfers can be either system directed or manually directed.
  • Transaction accuracy can be verified by scanning items and location labels with an RF-linked barcode scanner.
  • A built-in verification system alerts operators to take corrective action when necessary.


QC IMS™ lets you use multiple methods of counting to ensure inventory accuracy. It provides full reconciliation and discrepancy reports, as well as the capability to track all cycle count history.

Benefits of Cycle Counting

  • The user can create cycle counts based on a variety of system attributes, such as location, item number, last cycle date, price, or velocity.
  • Cycle count reconciliation function allows the user to monitor inventory adjustments.
  • All transactions are posted to the system activity log for reporting and auditing.


When you perform a physical inventory, QC IMS™ creates and manages physical inventory tasks for the entire warehouse. This auditing ensures inventory data accuracy.

Benefits of Physical Inventory

  • Tracks locations, inventory variances and progress.
  • Takes a snapshot of system inventory to initially create and manage cycle counts.
  • User validation updates actual system inventory when all physical cycle counting is complete.


Inventory Maintenance allows you to manage your warehouse according to your business rules. Hand-held data collection devices are utilized to control inventory activities. It also allows you to manually change the inventory count to reflect the actual SKU count.

Benefits of Inventory Maintenance

  • Location Maintenance allows locations to be added, deleted or the status changed.
  • Slotting Maintenance allows you to determine which SKUs are placed in available locations.
  • Improves the process for creating planned inventory requirements.
  • Improves inventory visibility.


QC IMS™ provides powerful and dynamic reporting solutions that enable you to easily create customizable printed documents and reports. It reduces the time needed to develop professional looking documents such as packout documents, production reports, inventory reports and shipping documents.

Benefits of Reporting

  • Crystal Reports™ integration
  • Numerous inventory reports to analyze performance
  • Inventory transaction / variance reports
  • SKU demand reports
  • Adjustment transaction reports


The Label Manager within QC IMS™ enables users to produce labels for locations, items, and shipping. Labels may be printed manually or on-demand and applied utilizing various methods including automated and inline print and apply technology.

Benefits of Barcode Label Printing

  • Allows you to quickly print labels as needed
  • Helps you accurately identify and control inventory through scanning