"I have found that QC OMS makes a significant difference in streamlining the order fulfillment process, resulting in fewer errors and faster turnaround times."

-- Kevin Tedford, Principal Consultant, KT Consulting

QC OMS™ - Order Management System


The QC OMS™ (Order Management System) provides the functionality necessary to properly and efficiently execute the order fulfillment process. This robust module facilitates the planning, processing, verifying, and shipping of orders within the warehouse or distribution center.

Benefits of QC OMS™

  • Improves throughput
  • Decreases labor costs
  • Optimizes batch and wave techniques for increased picking efficiency
  • Improves customer satisfaction by reducing errors and ensuring order accuracy
  • Boosts order turnaround times
  • Decreases damage claims
  • Reduces freight charges with optimized carton size
  • Reduces pack-out processing time by allowing orders to be picked directly
    into the shipping carton


Planning orders for optimized picking is the most essential aspect in the order fulfillment process. QC OMS is a configurable tool that allows orders to be streamlined for picking efficiency.


Utilizing the Wave Planner and Scheduling functions, the most efficient picking technique will be determined whether you are processing single line/single quantity orders, multiple line orders, or ship alone orders. QC OMS releases the proper number of Pick Tasks to maintain a fluid work load.


Manual and/or automated picking solutions such as pick tickets, carousels, Pick- To-Light (PTL), and RF terminals can be used with QC OMS.

QC OMS also allows for multiple picking methods such as Batch Picks, Cluster Picks, and Order Picks.


QC OMS also provides functionality to select the proper carton(s) for shipping an order by analyzing the makeup of each order to select the proper sized shipping container. Items are allocated to the various containers based on weight, dimension, and pick zone location in order to minimize the number of containers routed to each zone for a single order.



Utilizing pick request messages from the various picking sub-system controllers, QC OMS verifies the status of each order and ensures order integrity.

  • Analyzes pick requests in real-time
  • Verifies the status of an individual order
  • Ensures the integrity of each order


QC OMS™ tracks the status of the order throughout the process and provides real-time management statistics.