"The core WCS QC Software system was already in place and only required minor modification for the unique Canadian variables. When a proof of concept like WCS is leveraged across multiple locations it becomes quite affordable."

-- Richard Estalella, Senior VP, Arbonne International

QC SMS™ - Shipment Management System


QC SMS™ (Shipment Management System) is a software tool that provides reliable parcel and LTL shipment manifesting. Powered by ConnectShip™, QC SMS is integrated into your normal operation and streamlines your daily shipping routines.

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Benefits of QC SMS™

  • Reduces shipping costs
  • Enhances customer service with email notification
  • Supports all major carriers
  • Prints carrier-compliant labels
  • Prevents double shipment of orders
  • Verifies that shipment is being sent to correct location
  • Provides an override to select the most cost-effective shipping method
  • Reduces charge-backs from carriers due to improper ship method selection
  • Eliminates common shipping errors, such as shipping a package to a PO Box via UPS

When integrated with your current supply chain solutions, QC SMS™ is the proven shipping solution for any distribution environment, whether utilized with QC Enterprise™ or in a standalone environment.


Label printing, carrier-compliant documentation, and email notification are just some of the tasks that may be completed with QC SMS.

QC SMS supports shipping in North America and Europe and includes manifesting with the following carriers: UPS, USPS, LTL, DHL, Purolator, Canada Post, and Canpar.

  • Shipment Notification - via email allows for enhanced customer support.
  • Customized Shipping Solutions - successfully integrated to enhance distribution and warehousing needs.
  • API-based Integration Tools - used to successfully execute your shipping functionality.
  • Multi-Carrier Functionality - efficiently managed via one interface screen.


QC SMS™ provides the capabilities for performing end-of- day procedures such as close-out (this includes changing the order status and transmitting shipping information to the carriers), printing and transmitting manifest reports.



QC SMS™ verifies shipping information and applies customer-specific business rules to minimize shipping errors. These checks and balances ensure order accuracy and improve customer satisfaction.



QC SMS™ is compliant with national and international carrier rules for label printing and all your manifesting needs. These rules are easily configurable to meet the constantly changing standards of the shipping industry.